Monday, December 10, 2007

And finally...

We got our Christmas tree this weekend! We had planned on going to a tree farm my sisters have raved about - pretty much any size tree for $30, you cut and carry. So Friday afternoon I called Jennifer for directions, we loaded up the kids and camera, and headed out for what was going to be our first time cutting a fresh tree for the first Christmas in our new house. Add hot cocoa and overlay a dreamy Christmas song and it would have been the stuff Hallmark Holiday commercials are made of. But... cut to an hour later, both kids crashed out in the back seat and my husband completely annoyed because we have driven down Macleay road 3 times and never found the place (Valerie later told me that they are only open on the weekends). So, we ended at up at our traditional Christmas tree destination - Home Depot! And no, that's not a shameless plug because I work there - it was just closer than Lowes. By the time we got home and got the tree inside and in the stand, it was time for the kids to be in bed, so we saved the decorating for Saturday night.
As is our real tradition, we ordered pizza for the decorating festivites, and Brian and I did the lights. That has to be the only part of Christmas I don't enjoy, getting the lights on the tree - it always seems to be such a pain in the butt! However, it went pretty well this year, and after sending Austin off to bed (so I wouldn't have to ruin the evening by telling him "Don't touch!" 500 times) Brian, Jacob and I decorated the tree. Jacob actually put himself in charge of passing out the decorations and for everyone he handed out, he proclaimed "Grandma gave this to me when I was a little baby!". He also got to put our new angel on the top of the tree to kick things off. And while I look forward to the years when Austin can be a part of the decorating, it was worth it to see the look of amazement on his face when he woke up Sunday morning and saw the tree all lit up in the living room!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thank Heaven for....

Our new DVR! I can finally watch and record two different things! It also has the most fabulous search feature - I have timers set to record every kids Christmas show on the schedule. Some of them are ones I haven't seen since I was little - everything from The Grinch to Jack Frost, Frosty the Snowman and The Year without a Santa Claus. It is amazing how shows as old as these still hold the attention of kids today - my boys love them as much as I did (although Jake isn't too sure about The Abominable Snowman in Rudolph...)

We are heading to get our tree this weekend. I can't wait to get the smell of pine in my house - it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

In the beginning.....

So here we go... I have started a blog, inspired by my sister (who I have learned from reading her blog, is an amazing writer!) I have been wanting to get on the bandwagon since seeing Jennifer's, but only tonight have I found a free moment to spend at the computer - no husband, no kids! Between working full time and raising 3 kids, moments like these are almost as precious as my morning Diet Coke! Brian and the little boys are off taking Brandon to McKay High's Snowball Dance (do you know how expensive a tuxe rental is?!?!), and I am enjoying the absolute silence of my home.

Today we hung Christmas lights all around the outside of the house. This holiday season has been in high gear since we started decorating for Halloween. Brian and I are so excited to finally be in a house for the holidays that we have gone a little out of control. Couple that with Jacob being old enough to really get into the spirit, and our house looks a little like Christmas threw up on it. But I love it and have loved decorating for each holiday with the boys.

Last night was our church Christmas party, a little early but a great way to kick off the Christmas season. Jacob was in full regalia as a shepherd, courtesy of Mom's old bed sheet. All the little kids sang Away in a Manger, and had been asked to dress up as a shepherd, wise man, angel or animal. When I asked Jacob what he wanted to go as, his immediate response was "a lobster". Try explaining to a four year old that lobsters probably weren't part of the first Christmas... but as my mother said, he looked fabulous as a shepherd, "watching over his flock of lobsters by night..."!