Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Roundup

The kids were treated to a trip to the zoo from their Aunt Kiki, as a combo birthday excursion for the boys.  Leah of course led the way with her trusty map.
We all agreed that we had never been to the zoo before on such a perfect day for animal viewing - literally every animal was not only out, but up close and personal.  It was fabulous!

Baby Lily - back in December I was on the Portland local news wagering a guess on what her name would be.  I was wrong...

This one is for Jen - the kids were very excited to know that giraffes were (at one point anyway) your favorite animal.  :)
Towards the end of the summer, we also had Brian's annual summer work party, which is always a blast.  This year, as a manager, Brian had to be part of the "Dunk the Boss"  competition.
Jake just had to get in on the action as well...

Back to School 2013

Another school year has arrived.  My kids are so big and handsome, and goofy...

2nd grade
5th grade (seriously, middle school next year???)

 Sister Sassy Pants had to get in on the action.  She was extremely put out that she does not get to start school for another year.

 New for our school year this year, Kyle and Joslyn, who along with their older brother Bryan, spend mornings and afternoons with us.