Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch, Playdate and Carving

We went back to EZ Orchards this year for our pumpkin patching.  I asked the kids if they wanted to try someplace new and it was unanimous to go back to what is becoming our traditional destination for fall festivities   They're the place with the amazing donuts (apple cider and pumpkin this time) so I don't mind.
 The crazy balloon clown lady was probably the kids favorite part (although I think A's squid and J's tarantula look an awful lot alike...  Leah's poodle, however, was pretty awesome).

 one of my new favorite pictures

 Leah had just found out the hard way that rocks and balloon poodles don't play nicely together.  The back end of her doggy is slowly wilting.

 Saturday night we had some friends over, and they joined us in our latest pumpkin craft.  The girls decided the pumpkin ornaments worked well as masks too.

 Sunday was the annual Primary Program.  My boys were so handsome and they both rocked their parts.  Their dad and I couldn't have been prouder.

 Sunday afternoon brought pumpkin carving.  I was outvoted this year on painting again.  They all laughed at me when I put on plastic gloves to gut my pumpkin, but at least I was doing it...

 I also sifted through this mess to clean seeds for toasting.
 This face (and the 2 others that go with him) are the only reason I carve pumpkins.  
They're worth it.
 Jake did his entire pumpkin by himself.
 As usual, Dad was the last one at the carving table.
 Austin's Bat in the Moon
 Jake's Fright Face
 My cheerful jack-o-lantern 
(which I shared with Leah after she rolled hers off the table and busted it open)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hot Chocolate and Paper Plates

Hip Hip Hooray, it's fall!  
For as much as I love summer and all it's outdoor goodness, I love fall as much for the amount of time we spend inside, focusing on time together, holidays, and traditions.  Two of our time honored and closely held traditions are drinking vast amounts of hot chocolate and doing crafts, usually enjoyed together.

 Our first craft of the season was simple, inexpensive, and a ton of fun.  With the exception of the $2 pack of paper plates I bought, everything else we used came from craft supplies we had on hand.  After gulping hot chocolate, we set out to make paper plate jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and Frankensteins.

Crafting tip - use plastic table cloths from The Dollar Tree to cover your work space.  When we use newspaper, there invariably ends up being something spilled between the gaps.  This way the whole table stays covered, and then just wraps up to toss in the trash.  I usually keep 2-3 stashed in with our craft supplies

 Austin prefers to craft semi-nude, and was pretty proud of his inner Hulk coming out.  I really need to invest in some craft time smocks.
 Leah has no qualms about getting really into her work.
 The finished products!  The kids had so much fun making them, and now they can serve as decorations for the rest of the month. 
 After hauling out a good portion of my scrap supplies for the project, I realized they were in disarray and in need of some organizing.
 So much better!  I think this was as much fun for me as the plates were for the kids. 
I have issues...

Fall Means Boy Scouts

Fall around here means the start up of cub scouts for Jake.  After successfully completing the requirements of the Wolf Den last year, he has advanced to Bear, and loves it as much as ever.  Austin loves it because his good buddy's mom is in charge of scouts for our ward so scout activities mean play time with Ethan.

 Attempting the crab crawl
 Handsome Scout of mine
 Last week they were invited to work in the shop of a brother in our ward, and make tool boxes.  Jacob told me he proudly announced to their host that he came from "a long line of builders".

He has graciously bequeathed his awesome tool box to me for use as a flower box, because as he put it, "I don't exactly have a lot of tools, Mom".