Thursday, February 12, 2009

It never ceases to amaze me...

the things that people will say to a pregnant woman! More so even than people who assume your belly is fair game for fondling. It's as if when you sprout a belly, you also grow a sign on your forehead that gives people carte blanch to say the most ridiculous things to you. Never mind that this is probably the least safe time to take verbal liberties with a woman packed with hormones and another human being... Here are some of my favorites from my pregnancies and my girlfriends pregnancies:
  • "That looks REALLY uncomfortable"
  • "You're really enjoying your food this pregnancy aren't you?"
  • "You have HOW much longer?"
  • "Thar she goes!" (like I am Moby Dick)
  • (At 11 weeks) "I knew you were pregnant because you were waddling"
  • "I can totally see your pregnancy in your face"
  • (After interrupting a meeting with my district manager) "It sure must be nice to have somewhere to rest your hands"
  • "Pregnancy just looks so unnatural!"
  • "My daughter wore her size 2 jeans until she was 8 months pregnant"

To all those people out there who are smart enough to say things like "you have a glow about you" or "there's no way you can be due that soon, you're so small".... God Bless You!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I actually have time...

and can't think of a thing to blog about! I think my brain is just too tired. It is Friday after all and I am usually not worth much by the end of the work week. But, at least I will have a February post in here and I updated my template. That has to count for something, right?

Okay so the funniest thing just happened - I am sitting at the computer and I hear Austin get in the fridge. All of a sudden, he rounds the corner of the computer desk and slams his sippy cup down on it, and takes off. A few seconds later he is back with the chocolate syrup, slamming it down with a smile before he heads off again. Then next, you guessed it, he is back with the milk. "Chocolate milk please Mom?" The boy has an addiction....