Saturday, August 25, 2012

summer wane

There's just a week left of summer vacation before school starts.  We have been mellowing, winding down from our go-go-go summer we've had.  This weekend we didn't do anything off our Summer List, and instead spent time at home together.  Fittingly, the kids blew bubbles this afternoon and it seemed like the perfect send off to summer vacation as the bubbles floated away on the breeze.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zumba's not just an exercise class

It appears as though our newest addition is here to stay.  The kids still say, "Mom the cat came back!" whenever Zumba wanders into the yard, but it's with a little less surprise with each passing day.  I can't quite get them to comprehend that this is what cats do - wander and sleep and not always at home.  She is faithful, though, and spends the better part of each day lounging on the deck or following the kids around the yard.  She is a sweet, affectionate cat who seems only to want food and love in return.  Jacob told me, "Mom, Jesus must have sent us Zumba, because you said we couldn't have a cat and she came anyway!"  

Leah is possibly more enamored with "My Friend Cat"  than anyone else.  She is content to just sit on the deck with her, wanders around the yard looking for her nearly every morning, and most recently, decided that Zumba needed story time just like she does:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

around here lately

Somebody turned 6 this month....
and as requested received an almost entirely Avenger's themed birthday, complete with bed set.  
As soon as I put it on his bed he said, "Mom I'm tired, I think I'm gonna go lay down".  It was 5:30.

The kids have eaten about 15,000 otter pops this summer. 
Austin became a Beaver Believer
Sister Sassy Pants went to her first non-family birthday party
We were adopted by a cat who we've named Zumba, after passing up Sandy, Tabby, Loki, Thor and My Friend Cat as possible monikers.
I'm still taking pictures
and someone lost another tooth
this one is still a precious she-devil
and this one is still a ham