Saturday, May 25, 2013

Days like this

I am hopeful that our summer vacation will be filled with days like today.

It started out with a short nap for me (what better way to start a day, eh?).  I worked this morning and we are having friends over tonight, so I knew I was going to need a snooze if I was going to function as hostess with the most-ess.  While I was out, my kids decided that today was Happy Best Mom in the Whole World Day, and made me cards and a Powerpoint presentation about all the ways I am The Best Mom. Sorry to all you other also-rans, apparently I have this award in the bag.

While Jacob finished up his Powerpoint, I was not allowed to leave my room so Austin came in to "keep me company" by reading scriptures with me.  This is his new favorite way to spend time together - he randomly opens his scriptures to a page, tells me where to turn to, and then we read a few verses back and forth.  There's no rhyme or reason to how he chooses where we read, and usually it's just 3-4 verses out of the middle of a chapter and then we move on, but I love it and have found some choice nuggets of verse to highlight and ponder that I probably wouldn't have otherwise stumbled on.  I also love that this is an activity he chooses, and hearing this kid sound out scriptural vocabulary would blow your mind.

After I was presented with my award, we had a craft day with Jake working on sanding his Raingutter Regatta boat while Leah and Austin painted and I started Leah's flannel quiet book.

Iron Man and Hulk
 Leah's treasure boxes

Apparently it's Slurpee Days all weekend at the 7-11, and for .49 you can get a medium, which to my kids is like the Big Gulp of Slurpees.  I passed out 2 quarters to each kid and we headed down the hill for some sugar water goodness.  If I hadn't already been declared World's Best Mom this would have surely sealed the deal.
Random Fat Cat photo.  Leah's newest chore is to make sure Zumba has food and water, which is why our sweet feline is quickly starting to look like The Cat That Ate Salem.  Far be it from her to leave a food bowl empty, and Leah likes to fill it to the rim.
I found these pins in the bottom of my craft paint tote.  Don't ask me how I haven't pulled them out the millions of other times I've been in that thing over the last 15 years.  A Dances With Hunks pin from my mother circa 1995 and a Hardees pin from roughly the same era.  Ahh, memories...
The kids are playing in the sunshine, a lone day of spring beauty sandwiched in between 2 weeks of rain.  Dinner tonight will be yummy and the company fun.  Life's good.