Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Who thought we'd see two snow posts in one year around here?

 Sister is a snow fashionista
 Austin still just wants to eat it
 Jake is  the snowball makin' master

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pink Princess

We had a little pink princess turn 3 at our house this week.  Everything in celebration had to be pink.  From her new "big girl" car seat - the pinkest one we could find in Salem - to her request for her birthday dinner - pink cake for dinner and pink cupcakes for dessert, it was all about the girl this weekend.

She was so excited to ride the carousel, I could not get a picture of her holding still while we waited.  She has the same blur as the horses, who were going at full speed.
 Sister loved the rides but was not a huge fan of the booming voice that announced the safety rules at the beginning of each go round.

 Pointing out which horse she was riding next time...
 and ice cream with her brothers after the carousel.
 Even her ice cream had to be hot pink - Peppermint flavored and all.

 When Dad finally got home from work, Princess got her cupcakes and presents.  

 She rocked the hat and glasses the rest of the evening.

At 3, Leah is full of spunk and attitude, and even her choice of favorite color speaks volumes about her personality - there's no pastel in this girl.  She's all vibrant hot pink, polka dots and stripes.  There's never any questioning what Leah thinks,wants or doesn't want.  She is the most unequivocally opinionated 3 year old I've ever known.  She's also a sweetheart, who has finally reached a stage where she wants to be just like her Momma, shows genuine love and concern for her brothers , and  is still a Daddy's girl at heart.  
We love you Petunia!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


These two have not always been the best of friends.
 While Jacob and Austin have always been tight, and Jacob has been Leah's 3rd parent, Austin and Leah have struggled to find  their footing in the whole brother-sister thing.  Whether it was due to Austin losing his baby of the family standing to his little sister, or Leah's Diva-ness, the road to sibling happiness has been a long one for these two.
 While I miss the infant stages of my children, one of the joys of their growing is seeing their relationships develop into that of friends and playmates.  Leah daily becomes less of the "nuisance little sister", and more one of Austin's best friends.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


On one of the few sunny days we had last week, the kids decided to have a picnic.  Jacob made sandwiches for everyone, Austin packed them in the old Lego bucket with granola bars and Cheez-its, and they headed to the front yard with a blanket.