Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Helper

Leah has finally hit the age where she wants to clean.  When I work in the kitchen, she has her handy Magic Eraser and wipes down anything and everything she can reach.  She loves to dust, and vacuum too.

Last week I was working in the bedroom and walked out to find this:

She had pulled the stool up to the sink on her own and was washing all the dishes (minus soap), and then laying them out on the stove to dry.

and yes Jen, those are the daisy duke shorts :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012


My kids don't seem to be fazed by 40 degree weather - they continue to play outside until it's dark and I have to haul them inside kicking and screaming.  Austin looks horribly pissy in this picture , but he wasn't.  
I think he's trying to perfect his GQ serious look...
 This is my favorite hat (and Leah's too).   She looks adorable in it, even with a face covered in Halloween chocolate
 We made our inaugural fire tonight - oh how I have missed these bad boys.  My thermostat currently reads 80 degrees.  I love fall.