Saturday, May 26, 2012


This post should really be titled, "The One Where My Children Prove They Cannot All 3 Look At The Camera At The Same Time".  

That seems a little long, though...

We kicked off our day today with a visit to my old stomping grounds for the 10 year anniversary of Oregon City Home Depot's grand opening.  It was a carnival of sorts, and we got to see some old friends.  Austin and Leah loved getting their faces painted, but Jake of course was too cool for such things.


Jacob's favorite part of the morning was the collection of military vehicles, gathered in honor of Memorial Day.  While he enjoyed looking at them and reading about them, he was sorely disappointed that he did not get to sit in one.

The kids also got to sit on a fire truck, and got the obligatory deputy badge stickers and plastic fireman hats.  The hats were great until Jake decided (once again) that he was too cool for it, and Leah snapped the elastic on her neck.  Good times.  

 (Notice how they still won't all get in line for a good picture.)  After munching on some free hot dogs and cookies, we said our goodbyes and headed out.  Next stop, Aunt Kiki's for a good face scrubbing for Leah (who had cried off half her face paint after the elastic incident) and then off for lunch at Chevy's.   Can I just say, way too long since I've been there, and can I please have the recipe for their corn tomatillo stuff.  Mmm, mmm, good.  

Last stop, a visit to Deseret Book.  I got my new set of scriptures, and my kids did what they love best to do there, camp out in the children's book section.    I have to admit, there are worse things to have your kids beg you for than church books and Stripling Warrior action figures.  Pretty cool stuff.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Kickoff

In honor of Memorial Day (and a nasty head cold), I took today off work to get an early start to what was already going to be a 3 day weekend.  
We invited Tyler over for a play date/pool date to celebrate the return of the sunshine.
10 months and very little else separate these two.

Austin thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread to poor water down the front of his swim trunks.
Such a strange boy...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

These 3 amazing babies fill my heart with so much love, and on a day like today, it overflowed. 
The boys started my day with a sweet wake up to breakfast in bed, consisting of a Nutella sandwich, orange juice and a banana.  At 6:30.  They were kind enough to give a short nap until 7:15, when they couldn't contain their excitement any longer and had to wake me up again to open their gifts.  I knew they had something special in store, because I had been banned from their backpacks for the last several days.

From Austin:
My boy drew this for me, then found a frame on his own and put it together before presenting it me.  His comment, "Mom I'm sorry I drew you fat, 'cuz you're not."

"Dear Mom, you're the best mom ever from Austin"

"My mom likes: yellow flowers
My mom doesn't like: dandelions
My mom is special because: she loves me"

From Jake:

"Awarded to my mom for loving her children, being a great mom, cooking for her children, having children, and marrying a great man.  Love, Jake."

Mom of mine
Awesome at work
Rich with Love
Cool mother
Expert at being a mom
(I love that he spelled my name Marice - I'm a space cowboy)

"Pick a flower and you'll see the job that you will pick for me"

Each flower had a task written on the stem - my favorite, the one that said "Stop Sass".

The quote bubble says, "I love you this much" 

The heart pin was from Austin, the M pin from Jake.  Austin informed me the M could be for mom or Marcie.

Leah didn't have the opportunity like the boys to make crafts at school, but she spent the day loving and hugging me and declaring me the "best mom EVER!" over and over.  I could not ask for a sweeter gift.

The kids sang in church today for Mother's Day, and I couldn't hold back the tears as I watched my Champ, grinning proudly from the stand, his eyes never leaving mine as he sang their Mother's Day medley.  That boy loves so much.  

The rest of my Mother's Day was spent doing what I love best - watching my babies play.  We turned them loose on the hose to combat the heat.

I teared up more than once today.  The joy I have in my God given opportunity to raise these amazing spirits is more than I can hold in some days.  They challenge me, inspire me, try my patience, and teach me every single day and I marvel at how special and unique they all 3 are, and how perfectly they are meant for me.  There can be no denying the magnificence of The Creator's plan, when you look at spirits like these, and the wonder it is to be able to mother them.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Every good thing I am as a mother, I owe to her.

 She is happiest with a child in her arms

She is the Grandma who plays, 
 the mother who loves and supports unconditionally

My mother, my best friend, my example, my rock, my support system, sounding board, inspiration.

Mother, I love you.