Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Don't you sit on the counter in your slip very ladylike to play Angry Birds?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Girl

It is a straight up crying shame to have a gorgeous daughter who HATES to have her picture taken.
 Especially when her mama loves to take pictures.
And it's 55 degrees with sunny blue skies.
And she's rocking a cute spring dress 
(because that's all she wants to wear anymore... dresses and clicky clocks)
For this much smile, I had to tell her that I like to eat my boogers....

Friday, February 1, 2013


A few fun pics from last week, in the window of time when Austin was almost better, and before Leah got worse...

boys and bugs

It is truly a gift when a day like this:
 coincides with a play date.
Today was all about boys and bugs.  They caught a few spiders, roly-poly's and a centipede.  I sacrificed a few of my jam jars to make homes for the newly captured creatures.  
I thought it was completely gross, but the boys thought it was fabulous that one of the spiders attacked and ate everything else they put in the jar, including another spider.
Jake and Devin decided to share joint custody of their carnivorous spider.  Devin took it home today and will report weekly to Jake on it's progress.

My boy is a ham, no two ways about it.  I have to beg him to take a straight picture.

The boys were super good to Sister, with the big boys catching her several bugs (which she let go almost as quickly) and the little boys including her in their games.
 It's so handy when my boys are friends with brothers.  Now if we could just find a set of brothers with a diva little sister we'd be set.