Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1st Grade Concert

Monday night Austin had his first concert at school.  All the kid's wore jammies (preferably Christmas ones) and sang an adorable medley of holiday favorites.  We got to meet several of his good friends, and my boy was the ultimate ham, as usual.  Apparently during dress rehearsal he refused to do any of the actions that went along with the songs (as reported by Jacob the Narc), but when it came time for the live performance he was fantastic.

Austin and Aiden
 Austin and Annie (one of his BFF's)
 Austin and Leah
 Austin and our Leah, who thought it was soooo cool Austin also has a friend with her name
 The rest of the shots are a little fuzzy, taken from our seats with a wiggling diva on my lap, but they capture my crazy boy perfectly.

 60+ first graders
 Reciting his line

Someone just CANNOT keep her hands off the tree.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Annual Santa Hat Pictures

Back by popular demand, the now traditional, annual, Santa Hat pictures!
Day 4 of our Advent Activity countdown to Christmas: