Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This kid started playing flag football this spring and is fully enjoying himself.  I think he looks pretty cool in his gear.  He may not be RG3, but he is working hard and experiencing teamwork and the ups and downs of athletics.  
Pretty sure I will always be able to pick him out of a crowd, even from a distance on a crowded football field.  He's easily a head taller than almost everyone on his team.
And these two.... They can entertain themselves almost anywhere, even if it's a pile of rocks at football practice.


The warm weather this spring has brought out my kids inner Picasso's.  Any day without rain I find new artwork adorning our driveway.  This one was my favorite.
Also any day without rain brings with it a whole lot of biking.  Now that Leah's a seasoned biker, she rides the neighborhood with the rest of the crew, which is my kids plus 2-6 other kids, depending on the day.  We love our neighborhood!
These fluffy creatures moved into the field across the street from Austin's school.  Leah adores them and is just sure she can speak sheep.  If you were to drive by our car in the carpool line on any given day you can usually hear her bleating out the window at them.  Austin told me the other day, "Mom, I love being a country boy!"
Speaking of Austin's (and soon to be Leah's) school, isn't it adorable??  This is the original building, which has been added onto over the years.  It's still small enough it only houses K-2, and this original structure is 100 years old this year.
While we may not be fully rural, we have enjoyed spring in our little almost country neck of the woods.  We're just a stones throw from fields and animals and beautiful scenery, and the quiet is wonderful.

Parks and Rec

One of the things I love about Albany is the number of parks it offers.  For a relatively small city (population 50,000, about 1/3 the size of Salem) it seems to have as many parks as Starbucks.  Many of them sit right on the river and make for gorgeous walks amid beautiful scenery.  Our first stop was Simpson Park.

Any slightly curved stick immediately turns into a bow for my little Katniss.  
And if I said to you, "let's go hiking" isn't this the outfit you would put on??
Midway through our walk, I happened to notice that Austin's pant legs seemed to be differing in length.  A closer inspection confirmed it...  Apparently one leg had previously gotten caught in his bike chain, so the logically conclusion was to just cut it out and not tell Mom.  And then keep wearing the pants...

Our next stop was Talking Waters Gardens.  The website describes it like this:

"The Talking Water Gardens project, an engineered treatment wetlands, is open to the public seven days a week, sunrise to sunset.   Talking Water Gardens is a public works project that cools treated wastewater before entering the Willamette River.  Wetland cells are connected by soft-surface walking trails.  Many trails are elevated to give visitors a beautiful view of the natural system at work including the plants and wildlife that have found this place as a new home."

It's basically a really cool 50 acre park with trails and water and animals, and we only saw maybe the first acre or two.  

Alas, the beloved pink cowboy boots met their demise on this trip... they will be missed.