Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring means...

Soccer! At least it does in our house this year. We signed Jacob up for a parent-tot soccer class (although I hardly think of him as a tot!) Saturday mornings in April and May. At first I thought it might be a little chaotic, just a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds running around on the field, but, it's actually pretty organized. The kids and parents practice skills for the first half hour and then the last 15 minutes they spend playing games with the coach. Brian has really enjoyed getting in and playing with Jake, and Jake loves soccer (with the exception of experiencing his first side ache). Austin wants to play too, of course, and I love sitting on the sidelines, as long as it is sunny! Between my new Victoria Beckham haircut and my sporty new car, I picture my self as quite the "soccer mom", teehee.

It hardly seems possible that my baby is going to be 5 years old this summer and starting kindergarten. He would have started last year if he could have. He wants to learn so badly! He is so smart and has an a amazing memory. Last week he memorized a scripture for Primary, and at night you can hear him in his bedroom reciting it to his brother to help them fall asleep and have good dreams. He is still my sensitive one, and far more emotional than his dad would like. But, we are working on that - his new mantra is "Boys are brave, proud and strong!"

Austin is 21 months and so stubborn! I remember thinking when he was a baby that he was going to be my quiet thinker, he was SOOO mellow. What a difference a year makes! He is such a climber and roughhouses with the best of them. Most days all he wants to do is be outside, no matter the weather, his clothing or lack thereof! He is talking all the time now, definite words and some phrases here and there and absolutely lets you know what he thinks. Last night Jake took a 4 hour nap and Austin got to experience a rare moment of being an "only child". He loves being the center of attention almost as much as he wants to be exactly like his big brother.

Spring for Brian and I has been busy as well. Between working fulltime and the kids, we also have a milllion and one projects around the house we are trying to accomplish, as well as working for Jen and Dave and teaching our Primary class at church. Brian tries to get in a basketball game Saturday nights when he can, and I am looking foward to having the back room finished, as it is now going to be my craft room.