Sunday, August 8, 2010

Priesthood Power

Leah has been sick for almost a week. For the first few days she ran a temper pushing 103 unless we had her doped up on Tylenol. No stomach bug, no respiratory problems, just this horrid fever and body aches. Yesterday we thought she was better, and even took her on our family outing for Austin's birthday party with the cousins. But today she was warm and fussy again all day, and when she woke up from her post-church nap, she was once again on-fire, so hot to the touch and running over 101. On top of it all, the poor thing hasn't eaten since Thursday afternoon. Brian decided it was time to giver her a blessing. With the help of our good friend Gabe, Brian blessed her that the fever would be taken from her body and that she would feel relief from her aches. About 10 minutes after the blessing, I put her back down for a nap.

When she woke up from her nap, the fever was totally gone. She was soaked from a full body sweat and her skin was actually cool to the touch, even after sleeping under a blanket. She promptly sat down and ate half a bowl of ice cream with me, a handful of Bac O's (she asked for them!) and headed straight outside to play with her brothers. She stayed out there for over an hour, only coming in to down a Gogurt.

I have always had a testimony of the power of the priesthood, but this is the first time since receiving the priesthood that Brian has given a blessing. To witness the miracle of the healing power of the priesthood in my home, with my husband and daughter, was more amazing than I can put into words. The emotion that came over Brian as he blessed her little body, and the peace I felt afterwards were so strong and so wonderful. I am so thankful for the changes Brian has made over the last 3 years that have brought us to this point - to have a priesthood holder in my home, and to witness him exercise that power worthily is a gift I am more grateful for than I can express.