Thursday, April 26, 2012


It started out simply enough last summer.  Jacob was starting his 3rd new school in 4 years in the fall, and came home from an afternoon at the playground, excited that he'd found someone (anyone) who would be starting at the new school with him.  He didn't have many details, just that Connor, a kid he'd known at Harrit, would also be moving to Kalapuya with the boundary re-alignment.

Fast forward to the first day of school - another bright moment when Jacob and Connor were assigned to the same 3rd grade class.  Their friendship quickly grew, and I got to see glimpses of it when I volunteered in their class.  While the rotation of other friendships has ebbed and flowed, these two have remained tight, and it's no wonder:

Jacob and Connor

these two are peas in a pod, both smart and sweet, a pair of old souls who manage to remain somewhat blissfully naive in an age when their peers are swearing and fighting and acting out.  Connor is a good kid, the kind of friend you pray your child finds while you're praying just as hard they don't get mixed up in the wrong crowd.   This picture is one of the few of my boy lately with a genuine smile - he's hit such a self conscious stage that most of his smiles are stiff and contrived.  This grin is just him, happy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


We found out last week that we were going to get a rare treat today - Brian's first Saturday off since he started working in January.  Normally the only day off we all have off together is Sunday, which doesn't lend itself to travel, projects etc.  Fortunately, this bonus Saturday also came with a forecast for beautiful weather, and we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves.  
We decided to go to the beach - it's been two years since we've been as a family, and Leah has no recollection of ever being at the coast.  She was so excited she wore her bathing suit for the better part of the day yesterday, in anticipation of "Going to the beach!", which she yelled at the top of her lungs about every 20 minutes
 We started the day off with breakfast at a cozy beach side restaurant.  The kids couldn't stop grinning in anticipation of going to "Sharks and Fish", aka The Aquarium

 The Oregon Coast Aquarium is ridiculously over priced, but they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we considered it money well spent.

 At some point in our planning, the boys got it into their heads they they had to get shark's tooth necklaces while we were at the coast.  Dad surprised all 3 kids with necklaces, and they were in 7th heaven.

 After the Aquarium, we headed to the beach.  After all my lecturing about how cold the water is, how they didn't need to wear their bathing suits, etc., we had such gorgeous weather, all 3 kids were stripped down to shorts and spent 2 hours frolicking in the water.

 "Mom, the wave was *this* big, I swear!"

It seemed fitting to be at the coast this weekend.  Almost 14 years ago, Brian and I met at the beach, and on Friday we will celebrate a decade of marriage.  To be there, with the 3 little bodies we have added to our family and to have it be such an amazing day was the perfect celebration.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinewood Derby

I will readily admit I am not a huge fan of Scouts.  It's not that I don't appreciate what it can provide for young boys turning into young men, but honestly, it's just a huge pain in my backside.   It's a whole little book of things to add to our to-do list, not to mention it's another weekly meeting to get Jacob to and from, and it falls on our craziest day of the week (Wednesday).  

That being said, I love what Scouts does for my boy.  I love seeing him interact with friends, experiencing new things, and challenging himself to complete items to earn badges.  I also love the memories it helps create for him, which is a huge part of my intentional journey - creating a wealth of good childhood memories for my babies.

Last night was Jacob's pack  meeting/Pinewood Derby competition.  He and his Dad had been working on the car all weekend, and Jacob had a very specific vision in mind, which Brian was able to realize for him.  I was very disappointed when we learned that the Derby has been changed to yet another "everybody is a winner" competition, but my boy was taking pride in making his car regardless, and that made me so proud of him.
 The visionary and the craftsman, headed to the Derby.
 I love this boy!!
 "Blister", the name of his car, so christened due to an unfortunate incident during the paint drying process
 Singing the "Pinewood Derby Anthem" (who knew such a thing existed?)
 waiting with friends to "compete"
 scoping out the competition
 Ah duct tape....  every car needed a little extra weight

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

This is what popcorn popping on the apricot tree looks like...
We Spent Saturday with Aunt Kiki in Portland for her birthday.  We shopped and had lunch at The Spaghetti Factory
 Leah was fascinated with the geese
 and all 3 were sure that getting as close to the edge as possible was a great idea.

 I love my new Easter pails, they are the perfect size!
 My handsome kids on Easter

 Leah picked out her own dress this year
 from the minute I saw this suit, I knew Austin had to wear it
Jake wore his first big boy tie and looked soooo grown up.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


This was how they looked the majority of the afternoon, soaking up a rare day of sunshine a midst the rain and snow.  Flashes of movement, flailing arms and legs, bursts of laughter, these things are hard to slow down and contain into a single picture.
 This was the only time I got all of them to sit mostly still, mostly face the camera and mostly smile, all at the same time.

Had there been 3 small bodies from the north included, it would be the perfect picture.