Thursday, July 31, 2008

You're it...

Tag! About a month ago, Jennifer tagged me... how sad that it has taken me this long to sit down and do it!

Three Joys
  1. My little family
  2. Sleeping in!
  3. The dollar section almost anywhere

Three Fears

  1. Birds - crazy irrational, deathly fear of birds!
  2. Losing one of my kids
  3. I'm totally claustrophobic

Three Goals

  1. Scrapbooking!! (I'm sooooo behind)
  2. Lose weight - isn't this always on here???
  3. Get my yard done

Three obsessions/collections

  1. I used to collect monkeys - the stuffed animal kind. I don't anymore but the collection is still in the garage in a box
  2. Books - I love to read and envision a wall to wall library in my home some day
  3. We collect mugs and glasses from places we've been

Three Random Facts

  1. I have been featured in the Sports section of the Oregonian
  2. I can tap dance
  3. One of my high school nicknames was Marcio Andretti - I liked to drive a little fast

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kids say.....

the funniest things! And my sister keeps telling me that these are the kind of things I need to include on my blog, so here goes...

  • I pulled up to the gas station today, handed the girl my debit card and told her what I wanted. Jacob, who thanks to Dora and Diego is obsessed with the Spanish word for everything, asked me if "$20 regular" was the Spanish word for gas...
  • Right now, Jacob's world revolves around the fact that he gets to go to kindergarten this fall. One day I got turned around on my way to Jennifer's new shop and said "Darn it, I don't know where I am going." Jacob asked me if I had gone to kindergarten when I was 5 and learned the right path, and I absentmindedly answered yes. At this point he said "So what happened, you went home from school, went crazy and it fell out of your head?"
  • Last night at Valerie's, Austin fell and hurt his wrist, and we thought for a few minutes that he needed to go to the hospital. After we determined he was okay and were headed for home, I got teary in the car about Austin being hurt. Jacob asked me why I was crying, and I explained to him that I was sad Austin fell. He got very serious and said, "Mom, what do I always tell you when you cry? You need to calm down." Hmmmm Brian, I wonder where he got that idea from.......
  • Austin is starting to jabber a lot, and while he is not quite as prolific in the comedy department as his big brother, he has added a new phrase to his vocabulary this week: Rotten Turd. -----Please bear in mind he is deep in the throes of the terrible twos and is (most of the time) called this completely out of love! :)