Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer and boys

So this it what it looks like when your son discovers the joy of mud, head to toe: and when there have been one too many hot days and late nights in a row:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Too Soon

"Our family is just going to get bigger and bigger. Pretty soon I am going to have kids, then they will grow up......Mom, can you teach me how to be a parent?"

Jacob Barnhart, age 5 3/4

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4 months old!

Our Lil' Blossom is 4 months old already! It never seems possible that their baby-hood will fly so fast but it always does. One of her first big milestones came about a month ago when she started sleeping through the night - God bless her she will do 12 hours at a stretch most nights. You may all drool with jealousy now :)
The last couple of weeks have held some pretty big milestones, baby-wise. On the 29th, I had her laying on her blanket while I tidied the house. I had just left the room for a moment and when I came back... she was on her stomach! Since then she has nearly perfected the art, if she can just get her darn arm out of the way. She has gone from hating tummy-time to loving it, now that she can get there by herself. A few days later she rolled from front to back, but I'm not sure it really counts. It was more of a falling backwards as she pushed up, so I'm waiting for a more definitive show.
We also tried some "food" this week. She just doesn't seem to be getting satisfied anymore on breast milk alone. First we tried a little oatmeal, which she did alright with. Then we tried some diluted apple juice, which she did not like! We moved onto pear, which she likes much better. Hallelujah, at least there willbe another option for her since she HATES formula!

after her first cereal - not too messy!

Today we brought out the exersaucer. Lately, she hates to lay down! She tries to sit straight up out of her car seat, bouncy seat, off your lap, etc. Even when she's nursing she will try to sit up when she is done (and sometimes before she is done, OUCH!) She wants to be sitting up, or even better, standing up. So out came the exersaucer. She really liked it for about 15 minutes, which I figure is a good start. Rome wasn't built in a day.

first time in the saucer

We are so blessed to have Leah as part of our family! The last 4 months have been such a wonderful experience -her brothers are so in love with her, and she has her dad wrapped around her tiny finger. And I of course, adore her! Her smiles and laugh brighten my day and I love to see her with the boys - she is really starting to interact with them, especially Jacob. They take such good care of her, and have even made up a song to soothe her when she gets fussy. It started out in the car one day as just a sing-songy way to say her name, and now it's a full blown song they both know the words to, and sing in unison. And it works EVERY time. I have even found myself singing it at bed time to settle her down. It goes like this:

Leah Rae Barnhart
Leah Rae Barnhart
Leah Rae, Lea Rae
Leah Rae Barnhart
Leah's our best sister
And we love her so much
Leah Rae, Lea Rae
Leah Rae Barnhart

I know, it seems a little repetitive (especially when you're typing it!) but when you hear two sweet little voices singing it to calm their baby sister, it's the most beautiful song in the world!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Step Closer

In the fall of 2007 when Brandon lived with us, we started converting the storage area on the back porch to a spare room for him. He left before it ever got completed, and Brian promised me that when it was finally done, it could be my craft room (when it wasn't serving as a guest room). So, it was finished (at least to a usable stage) in November, and I haven't spent any more time in it other than to throw stuff out there when I don't have anywhere else to store it. Today, however, I decided I would never scrapbook/sew/mend/etc, if I never got it organized, so I finally dove in. I still have to go through all my scrap stuff and organize/toss, but it's a start. After all, I have only scrapped Jake's book through coming home from the hospital, and he will be 6 in two months. I have work to do!